Women reveal the most ridiculous reasons they have cried over during PMS. Hormones, sigh!

PMS has made women react on things they would usually pass by without acknowledging.

Prapti Elizabeth Prapti Elizabeth Sep 20, 2017
The havoc that hormones become during PMS is a tale as old as time. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/KimKardashianFan


Ever cried over dog videos on the Internet? Over a meal you ordered that's taking three minutes longer to arrive? Or while just looking at a blank wall that would normally evoke no response? If you nodded yes, then perhaps it's time to acknowledge that when you stain the sheets red, it's PMS. So here are some absolute gems--from real women sharing tales of pure PMS horror.

When He Had All The MnMs


"I dissolved into a pool of salty tears when after a trip to an expensive supermarket, my boyfriend polished off the MnMs we had bought. Neither am I  a great MnM fan, nor do I bother with sweets altogether--but the fact that he polished it all off and alone, that hurt."

--Nandini Singh, Delhi

When a Dog Did the Trick

"I cried at an ordinary stray dog that had probably just eaten and was walking about. I was so confused because that was the first time a dog had kindled such grand emotions."

--Mrinalini Kocchar, Nainital

When She Came Home To A Wrinkled Bedspread


"Being obsessively clean comes with its drawbacks. I had no qualms about the way life was going that day, until I got home and remembered I had forgotten to make my bed. I pulled off the whole sheet, threw myself on the bed, and cried."

--Dipannita Kulkarni, Delhi

Celine Deon Made Her Cry

"So I was chilling with my seven-year-old niece, introducing her to the stalwarts of the music world. The little one freaked out when I started howling during the chorus of My Heart Will Go On. I don't think jamming is something she'll do with me again."

--Tina Krishna, Travancore

Because The Restaurant Ran Out Of Her Favourite Flavour Of Cake


"I ordered my usual dessert only to know it was over for the day. Then right in front of the waiter, I sobbed angry tears of frustration into my tissue, and left the place with an embarrassed partner in tow. The owners were confused beyond their wits!"

--Anupama Mishra, Dehradoon

When She Could Not Find The MRP On The Carton

"I was broke, hungry, and looking how much a carton of cereal would cost, and could not find the MRP. So I almost threw the carton to replace it on the counter, and left the store in tears."

--Shreya Kathuria, Ahemdabad

PMS strikes when we're least expecting, making retrospect funny. Has it happened to you too?

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