5 daily habits that are making your vagina unhappy and ruining your health

Cleaning your vagina with soap and water is just not enough.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Apr 21, 2017
Show your vagina some TLC. It sure deserves it. Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

A happy vagina means a happy you. But, how often do you pay attention to this very special lady part of yours? Hardly ever, right? Come on ladies, you spend hours getting that perfect manicure, and spend a bomb on haircare products and hair spas--but when it comes to your vagina health, you often end being careless. So not cool!

After all, it's always there for your pleasure *wink wink* and bleeds five days every month. And that makes it entitled to some extra care and attention. Also, we don't mean to scare you, but you are also guilty of doing random things that can really harm your vag. For instance, how about the underwear you are wearing right now? Does it feel really tight? Well, apart from making you feel uncomfortable it's doing a lot worse to your genitals! Not just that--the way you wipe yourself or the kind of lifestyle you lead are all responsible for your vagina's unhappy state. Here, take a look at the five biggest enemies of good vaginal health. 

That Tight Thong is Making Your Vagina Uncomfortable
Yes, yes we understand tiny thongs look sexy, but they are not really your friend, or even your vag's so as to speak. Tight panties can cause chafing of the skin and vaginal irritation. Plus, when you get sweaty, your underwear turns into a haven for bacteria and yeast. Not very pretty.

Not to mention, it's an open invitation to infection. Your tight underwear constricts your nether region from breathing, which eliminates the chances of easy passage of air. And you know what that means? A party time for the bacteria thriving down there.

You Are Wiping In The Wrong Direction
Woah! Who would have thought of that? Turns out, after you are done with your business every time you visit the loo, it's very important to pay attention while you are clean your derriere. Ladies, if you are in the habit of wiping from back to front, you really need to stop. This is because the bacteria from the rectum has more chances of getting transferred to the tissue and then to your vagina. Also, be generous with tissue papers. Don't use the same tissue to clean your ass and your vag.

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You Are Not Using The Right Detergent For Your Delicates
You might be pretty careful while washing your expensive LBD, but can the same be said about your underwear? It's no secret that your panties have a lot of sweat and bacteria, once you take them off. Thus, it's imperative that you wash it with the right of detergent to get rid of all the junk. Because clean-looking underwear is just not enough.

Use a hypoallergenic powder to wash them--it will make your panties squeaky clean and eliminate the presence of any pesky bacteria.

You Keep Sitting For A Long Time
Taking frequent breaks while you are at work is not only good for your mental health, but for your vaginal health as well. According to a study published in Medical Daily, when you keep sitting for long hours, your genital area heats up due to lack of airflow, which leads to more moisture. Now, heat coupled with friction causes bacteria to grow and also irritates the skin down there.

Just keep getting up after every few hours to stretch your muscles and allow airflow.

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You Clean Your Vag With Soap
Maintaining vaginal hygiene is very important. But, you need to do it the right way. And using strong soaps to do it is definitely not the right thing to do. According to National Health Service UK, when you use soap down there, you irritate the delicate vaginal tissues and also kill off lactobacillis or the good bacteria that your vajayjay actually needs.

The solution? Go natural and allow your vagina to self clean; or use a vaginal wash. But, perfumed soaps are a complete no-no. 

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