5 signs you need to eat more food to lose weight

Starving yourself will not help in weight loss; rather it will make the task more difficult.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima May 19, 2017
When you are trying to cut down on the kilos, it's imperative that you don't skip meals. Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

The first thing most people do while trying to lose weight is cut down on food. They hit the gym, go easy on the snacks, and some even skip meals. If you too follow the same cycle, we suggest you stop. Yes, it's imperative to eat healthy to shed kilos, but limiting your food intake will not take you anywhere. At least, nowhere close to your weight loss goals.

So, how do you get to know that you are eating enough? Turns out, your body does send signals. And since you are too caught up trying to starve yourself, you end up missing them. But, don't you worry. We've got your back. We bring to you five signs that indicate that you should nosh on more eatables and ditch that diet of yours, if you want to successfully lose weight.

You Miss Your Periods
Though, you might assume missing your period is a result of your PCOD, but chances are that's not the only reason why Aunty Flo didn't come knocking to your door this month.

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"If you're not consuming enough calories, it can cause your period to become irregular. It may even stop it from coming altogether, because the body doesn't have enough fat to produce the sex hormones that trigger the menstrual cycle," says Lisa Young, nutritionist and researcher at New York University to Prevention magazine.

Your Are 'Hangry' All The Time
Your foul mood is a product of your revamped diet. According to researchers at Northwestern University and University of California, USA, acts of self-control like sticking to a strict diet are associated with angrier behavior. So, if you are trying to cut flab, it's best you ration your calories, rather than cut down on food. This will only make you grumpier.

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You Hate Working Out
Restricting your diet will not yield any results if you don't exercise. But, if you don't eat enough food you don't consume enough energy that could motivate you to workout. As a result, you will feel tired most of the times. Once that begins to happen, you will not only lose the motivation to hit the gym but also lack the will to exercise. And that's pretty damaging to your weight loss plan.

You Feel Unsatisfied After Meals

When you are trying to cut down kilos, it's imperative that you portion control. However, it most definitely doesn't mean that you start eating less. It only means that you increase the quantity of healthy foods and cut down on junk and other unhealthy items. Ladies, if you just eat a salad for dinner, you will end up feel unsatisfied and will crave for more once you are done.

You Suffer From Headaches
"Your brain runs on the glucose found in your blood, and the glucose in your blood comes from the carbohydrates you eat," Prevention quotes Young as saying. So, you will end up feeling dizzy and suffer from nagging headaches. This is merely a sign that your blood sugar has slumped low as a result of your self-imposed diet. So, snack some more.

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