The breakdown of a broken heart: Here's what really happens to your heart when you break up

In the matters of the heart, the heart really matters.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Mar 07, 2017
A heart break is more than just the tears and the emotional turmoil. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/garyda26

You know the feeling when the pain of separating from the man you love more than anyone else in the whole wide world? How watching him walk away makes your heart pound. That pain, it makes your chest ache with yearning, and it almost leaves you gasping for breath.

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In those moments of intense agony and cluelessness, we don't exactly realize that our break-up could be spelling doom for our health and that the pain can seriously affect our actual heart.

We're talking about the broken heart syndrome. Yes, that sh*t is real and can have some severe consequences . Thanks to that sudden surge of stress hormones such as adrenaline in the body during turbulent situations, you experience the chest pain, breathlessness, and rapid heartbeat--symptoms that almost resemble those of a heart attack. Now you understand the graveness of the situation?

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It doesn't always take a break-up to cause this. It can be caused by any intense emotional event like death of a loved one, domestic abuse, natural disaster, or just a surprise birthday party.

We know how any kind of stress can cause heart strokes, but don't fret ladies, this condition isn't fatal in most cases and is very treatable as well.

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Yes, when the condition strikes, it weakens a part of the heart muscle making its pumping ineffective. However, with the right counselling, medicines, self-care, and support of your loved ones, you can emerge out of it stronger than ever. 

We say self-care because no amount of medication can help you cope with grief if you don't take charge of your own life. So, you can mend your broken heart quite literally with just the right amount of exercise, healthy food habits, and emotional strength. However, it is advisable to seek professional help if you think you are unable to cope with it.

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