5 ways to help every lazy girl to go to the gym every day

Sometimes, all you need is a little push to get in shape.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Feb 17, 2017
After a fair share of strenuous exercise regimes, most people end up skipping going to the gym. Photo courtesy: YouTube/ BeFitWithYasmin Karachiwala

Who doesn't dream of a perfect body with chiselled abs and taut biceps? However, the journey to a perfect body is rather difficult. After all, it's not easy sticking to a healthy diet and sweating at the gym every day. 

Those, who are new to the gym life find it rather hard to stick to their regime--usually because it is exhausting. Imagine lifting weights and running on the treadmill when you are dead tired. Also, stern trainers make matters worse.

So, after a fair share of strenuous exercise regimes, most people end up skipping going to the gym on a regular basis. And if you are one of those, then we have some amazing tricks to motivate you.

Here's what you can do to stop yourself from giving up:

Have a Gym Buddy
Having a friend or an acquaintance, who works out with you really helps. On days when you just don't want to slog, your gym buddy can pull you up. Also, exercising solo can be mundane. But, if you have a friend to share your gym time with, at least you will company. And you never know, you might just end up having a lot of fun.

Take Pictures to Track Progress
If you are not feeling motivated enough to hit the gym because you see no apparent transformation in your body, then here's a trick: start clicking pictures every day.

You see, it's imperative to document your progress. In most cases, people usually don't pay much heed to the inches they have lost--focusing solely on their weight. So, if you click pictures of your body, you will probably notice even the slightest of the changes and it will motivate you to exercise every day.

Start Small and Set a Pattern
Don't overexert yourself in the first few initial days. Since your muscles are not used to a strenuous regime, you will probably end up tiring yourself out. And this will put you off.

It's imperative you start by setting realistic goals. Don't expect to lose ten kilos in the first month. You need to understand that your body will take time adjusting to the exercise routine. Once you have set a pattern, follow it up with more complex regime.

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Wear Fancy Gym Gear
Let's be honest: who likes to exercise after a hard day at work? After you have spent all your energy meeting deadlines and chasing clients, an hour at the gym is a much dreaded thought.

However, wearing fancy gym gear can help. Make it a point to change out of your formal clothes. Put on a pair of nice yoga pants and jazzy running shoes. Once you are dressed to kill, you will realize that venting out your frustration at the gym is not such a bad idea.

Reward Yourself Every Week
If you are working out five days a week, think of a reward that would make you most happy. Also, let it be lucrative enough to tempt you.

After you complete the cycle, treat yourself. And by treat we don't mean binge eating. Let the reward be materialistic. Probably a dress you have been dying to buy for yourself, but didn't. Or a nice pair of shoes that caught your fancy a while back.

Make yourself happy and you will soon realize that going to the gym is, after all, is bearing results. And that will be a motivation enough.

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