There's a downside to cardio exercises and it will make you rethink your fitness routine

Time to slow down, girls.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli May 05, 2017
Excess of cardio can spell doom for your body. Photo: Shutterstock/IndiaPicture


Whether you have just embarked on a journey to fitness or are a veteran at the gym, there's no denying the fact that cardiovascular exercises are an essential part of every workout routine. After all, those exhilarating bicycling, jogging or jumping-rope sessions elevate your heart rate and make you burn calories like nothing else.

But as we always say, balance is the key. So, going overboard with cardio exercises can backfire and how!

Cardio Can Be Injurious To Health--Quite Literally
Engaging in high-impact workouts like running and dancing can make you more prone to physical injuries. While the less serious ones like a slight ankle twist or a heel spur is still bearable, the more severe ones like hip, and joint problems (osteoarthritis) are unbearably painful and have some serious consequences too.

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In fact, a 1989 study, which examined a handful of top-level elite runners, showed that hip osteoarthritis was higher and more severe in them than compared to untrained men and former top-level bobsled riders. So be careful before you set out for that run, ladies.

It Won't Spare Your Hard-Earned Muscles Either

Yes, those cardio exercises help you lose fat and can help you gain a perfectly-sculpted body. But, it's not all hunky dory as it seems. These exercises put strenuous effect on muscles which not only cause pain in the muscles, but also lead to their breakdown.

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That Cardio Can Very Well Play Games With Your Heart
Sweating it out on the treadmill or on the jogging track is great and can give your heart rate a boost as well. But did you know that exceeding the limit of your target heart rate zone can put you at the risk of a heart stroke? Yes, you read that right. Even according to the American Heart Association, you should perform cardio exercise within your target heart rate zone and not go overboard.


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