From listening to sad music to staying indoors, these daily habits are making your anxiety worse

Do you lock yourself in a room when you get anxious? Well, we thought so.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Apr 20, 2017
Anxiety can be consuming, but you need to fight it. Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

Remember the time when you had a flight to catch and thought you would miss it? Or the time when you had to appear for the most important exam of your life and you were shit nervous about it? Now, these incidents may have happened at two different points in your life but there stands a conspicuous common point between the two--the anxiety you experienced.

For someone who suffers from anxiety, this nagging feeling is a constant plague. The palpitations, dry mouth, and the shortness of breath, anxiety brings it all with much force. However, if you are on medication to keep it at bay, and yet have not been able to do it, you seriously need to introspect.

What you don't know is that some every common habits can aggravate your condition. And you know what's worse? You don't know it. Here are a few:

Staying Indoors All Day
You might not want to get all decked up and go outside if you are suffering from anxiety. But, it's not the best approach to take. What you should do, instead, is step outside for a few hours. It's really important.

According to an article on, being outdoors and spending time with others keeps you active, focuses your mind on productive tasks, and helps to stimulate pleasant feelings. Something you desperately need when you get anxious.

Procrastinating All The Time
It's no secret that procrastinating can make you feel confused, frustrated, and anxious. And if you are already suffering from anxiety, then it's probably not a wise thing to do. According to various studies, reaching a goal releases dopamine in the brain, the chemical responsible for experiencing pleasure and reward. So, if you finish your tasks on time, you can soothe your anxious mind. However, by leaving things for the last minute you will only end up bothering your troubled mind.

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Morning Chaos Is A Thing
Even the calmest of people on the planet lose their cool if they are constantly late to lectures, meeting, events, etc. Running late to work, college, or any place in general makes you anxious. So, if you have been diagnosed with anxiety, then running behind schedule is the worst for you. Just time things accordingly to avoid the morning chaos. And you will feel much relaxed.

Having Too Much Sugar
Sugar cravings are fine and you would often want to satiate them, but it's not the best for your anxiety. According to, sugar gives you energy, and then vacates your body super fast. The result is a blood sugar crash that can leave you feeling mighty low, shaky, and anxious. So, no points for guessing that you must contain yourself from giving in to your love for dessert.

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Sad Music Is Your Thing
Music has the ability to influence your mood. Haven't you often found yourself blissfully smiling after listening to a peppy number? Well, the same happens when you plug in your earphones to listen to a sad or a disturbing song. Majorly because it sets the mood. So, here's a tip: just listen to music that invokes happy feelings. Leave Lut Gaye for some other day. 

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