This is your ultimate guide to buying the right sports bra

Sports bra is to your breasts is what training wheels are to your bicyle. A great support system, you just don't want to do without.

Prapti Elizabeth Prapti Elizabeth Aug 11, 2017
If you love your boobs, then you need a good sports bra. Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/Healthy Women


If you're a woman who works out, a sports bra is a necessity--and a well-fitting one at that. The best course of action is to choose a bra that's particularly made for your kind of workout. Remember that when you work out, your breasts not just move up and down but also towards either side. The resultant butterfly movement needs to be kept in check to create a sag barrier--and sagging breasts is the future that awaits if you're not wearing the right kind of sports bra.

So For Starters, Know the Kind of Sports Bra you Need

For many ignorant peasants out there, there are three types of sports bras: compression, encapsulated, and combination. Each has a different function. Compression bras best suit small breasts as they literally compress them. Encapsulated bras are for big-breasted women as they have individual cups guaranteeing complete support for the breasts. Combination bras are what offer the best of both worlds. They have inner cups that encapsulate the breasts and an outer layer that compresses them. When you choose to buy sports bras, these options become the factors you need to check.

Get Familiar With the Term 'Moisture Wicking'

It means the composition and ability of a fabric to pull sweat off the body and release it in such a way that it evaporates. You need to steer clear of moisture-absorbent fabrics so you're not drenched while working out. Not to mention, anything that absorbs moisture can lead to rashes, chafing, and a whole other of discomfort while you are lifting, shaking, or running. 

Put the Trial Room to Some Good Use

The trial room is THE place where you'll know if the bra fits your requirements. The first thing to do is to check the straps. Hold the top of any one strap and the centre of its corresponding cup, and then pull--the lesser the pull, more the motion control. Also, inside the trial room is where you can ensure you pick the right size. You can do this by sliding your finger underneath your bra's band and pulling it. If you're able to pull more than an inch, you need a smaller size. Also do jumping jacks to get the best fit. If the breast movement is too much, you need a different bra.

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