6 bizarre yoga trends that didn't calm the Internet!

Suryanamaskars not for you? Well, try these bizarre yoga trends

  • We all know the health benefits of doing yoga every day. After all, it not only makes your body fit, but also alleviates stress from your mind. However, not everyone practices pranayam or suryanamaskar every morning--especially out of laziness. We mean, apart from the regular advantages of a flexible and healthy body, there's hardly any motivation for those laid-back souls.

    So, on International Yoga Day, we get you the most quirky and bizarre yoga trends that will help you channel the inner yogi/yogini in you. Think of these trends as yoga with a twist!

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  • Chill with Some Beer Yoga
    Well, the name should be enough to tell you that this form of yoga requires a bottle of beer too. No, you don't drink your beer to cool off after a yoga session, you drink your chilled brew while stretching your body. We repeat, this is not a drill.

    The practice was started in Germany. The yoga instructors believe that the joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga complement each other, and make for an energizing experience.

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    Photo Courtesy: Facebook/OusejaCerveja
  • Obsessed With the Extraterrestrial? Do Alien Yoga
    Do you remember the way Baba Ramdev rolls his abs in waves? Well, that yoga has now a name--Alien Yoga. Why the weird name you ask? No, it wasn't named by a space scientist. The Alien Yoga got its name from the due to the stomach's strange contractions and its appearance.

    It may be a little difficult to master, as it requires full control of your core muscles. But, you can always practice by rolling your stomach muscles on the beats of your favourite song.

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    Photo Courtesy: Facebook/SavinstIndia
  • Goat Yoga For All You Animal Lovers
    This has to be one of the cutest yoga trends yet, as you get to surround yourself with Norwegian dwarf goats. Started in Oregon by Lainey Morse, this form of yoga aims to spread happiness and feel the joy. You can perform any asana you want, while the goats climb over you or roam around.

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    Photo Courtesy: Facebook/GoatYoga
  • Cannot Ride A Horse? Practice Horse Yoga Instead
    Not everyone can ride a horse. But, if you still want to try something that involves being near a horse, you can try horse yoga. All you need to do is balance yourself on the back of a horse, as you do yoga! A little scary, right?

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    Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ThinLine
  • Alleviate Your Body With Anti-Gravity Yoga
    Why just alleviate your stress while doing yoga, when you can alleviate your body too? This trend, which was invented by aerial performer, former gymnast and a Broadway choreographer, Christopher Harrison, also includes other techniques like aerial acrobatics, calisthenics, Pilates, etc.

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    Photo Courtesy: Facebook/JesFrisch-DaielloTeamChangingfortheBetter
  • Smoke Up With Ganja Yoga
    Yes, you heard it right. You get to smoke up some ganja (cannabis) while you are doing your asanas. Started by a group in Colarado, this practice aims to  'deepen one's connection with the cannabis plant spirit medicine.' Sounds weird, but you can't deny that this yoga is best for all those stoners!

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    Photo Courtesy: Indstagram/GanjaYoga

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