Boys, some of us love our winged liners and smokey eyes. So stop with the make-up shaming

Because when our eyeliner is on-point, our whole life is on-point. Also because we believe in #BeautyOverBullying.

Sonaakshi Kohli Sonaakshi Kohli Mar 07, 2017
Make-up usage is subject to user's choice. Photo Courtesy: Instagram/hatecopy

Picture this: You are all set for the most romantic candlelight dinner with your partner wearing a sultry black dress and deep-red lips. As you sit in his car, he just can't get his eyes off you and comes closer to kiss you only to stop mid-way saying, "why do you have that lipstick on? I like you more without make-up, baby."

However, subtle this sounds, it is undeniably a form of make-up shaming. But there's worse in this world. People diss make-up vloggers and celebrities all the frickin' time for transforming their looks with the help of make-up. Whatever happened to appreciating art as a form of self-expression?

Some people criticize the make-up lovers explicitly, some make fun, some act like bullies, and some of our self-acclaimed well-wishers give what they conveniently call as a 'friendly advice' and say, "make-Up se ladke nahi patenge."

So Here's A Reality Check For Them: Women Don't Wear Make-Up To Impress Men

We don't even do it to impress other women. We do it because it makes us happy. It makes us feel powerful as though with those eye-brows on-fleek, we are ready to take on the world.

It's fairly simple. Make-up kits are to women what PlayStations are to men. They are empowering.

Trust us, not only do they boost our mood and confidence like the video games boost a man's, but our lipsticks cost just as much as those silly joysticks or motion controllers.

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Good Morning, We Are Living in a Democracy
Just like we don't complain about some guys teaming up yellow shirt with orange pants and red shoes (we just frown and move on), guys have no right to sulk over smokey eyes and ruby lips. Because dudes, it's a free world out there, you see. So yes, those who like to keep it natural can go sans make-up. But for god's sake, spare those who love the art.

Make-Up Creates Doubts in Your Head? Make-Up Shaming Creates Doubts in Ours

We've heard of incidents of men walking out on their partners after seeing them without make-up. It doesn't sound all that serious, but we just have one question to ask: Why blame those empowering make-up kits for the brainlessness of a man who persuades a woman thinking that her sparkly gold eyes are natural?

On the contrary, this should create doubts in a woman's head. After all, trusting a low-IQ man with your whole life needs reconsideration.  

FYI, All Those Models You Fantasize About Have Layers of Make-Up On

Yes. Even the no-make-up-look has a lot of make-up involved. Get it? Now, deal with it!

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You Think Your Favourite Footballer is Flawless?
All the Ronaldos and the Messys may be champs on field, but when they feature in some cola ad, they too put make-up on. Are you going to stop watching football now? Or will you just break your fancy LEDs?

So Stop Poking Nose in Our Businesses
Why are we even explaining? How can a guy who doesn't understand the difference between fuchsia pink and magenta ever understand the depth of our love for make-up? 

On a serious note, every man--and woman--needs to understand that shaming women for their bodies, or for using or not using make-up, can wreak havoc on their confidence levels. So choose your words carefully around them. Because sensitivity and nurturing each other is still a thing.

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