Waxing vs shaving: Which is the lesser evil?

Be it shaving or waxing, both are a nuisance. But, one does win over the other.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima May 29, 2017
Both have their own set of pros and cons. But, which is better? Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is a necessary evil--but only if you are a woman, of course. Imagine this: you've got a date and you are planning on wearing your favourite little black dress. However, you don't have time to get rid of all the body, so you ditch the idea and settle for a pair of jeans, instead. Why? Because you rather be dead than get caught flaunting your body hair on the date. And no matter how much we criticize and ridicule the trend, it's there to stay. So, let's just move on to more persistent matter at hand.

Ladies, let's address the debate of the century. Should you wax or should you shave to get rid of the unwanted hair? And if you have tried both, you would probably know that both have their own set of pros and cons. But, one threatens to make you wince in pain, while the other leads to faster hair growth. So, in order to decide which is the lesser evil of the two, we decided to get an expert on-board to help you take a call.

Should You Shave or Wax?
"Okay, so most women are in two minds over this. But, it's imperative to keep into account a few things before making a decision," says Niharica Malhotra, founder and dermatologist, Malhotra Skin Clinic, New Delhi.

"You must take into account your skin type and the texture of your body hair before deciding the course. For instance, if you have a very sensitive skin, then it's best you skip waxing as it might irritate your skin further and causes severe rashes. Also, if you have very fine hair, waxing is not for you. And as far as shaving is concerned, though it's painless, it does lead to faster hair growth. Also, it can lead to ingrown hair," continues Malhotra.

Hmmm…still can't decide? Maybe the advantages and disadvantages will help you reach a conclusion.

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Pros and Cons of Waxing
Okay, got it. That doesn't sound very pretty. But, what about waxing? Is it the better option?

"There's no denying that waxing can be painful. And if you have sensitive skin, it can also cause redness and irritation. So, it's best to take a patch test before working on a larger area. And if you are in the clear, it's a much better road to take," she says.

"Waxing not only gets rid of body hair from the roots but also prevents ingrown hairs. Also, most beauty parlours advice women to wait for four weeks before booking the next appointment. Mainly because it prolongs hair growth," explains Malhotra.

Pros and Cons of Shaving
"Shaving is painless and not to mention a quicker way to get rid of your body hair. It's cheap and you don't have to invest a lot of moolah to get it done. However, razor shaving causes the hair follicle to change its growth direction, leaving it trapped under your skin which leads to the presence of ingrown hairs. Also, when you shave you don't remove the hair from their roots but from the surface. This often leads to darkening of the skin, as you would notice. But, worst of all--you can end up cutting yourself with the razor. So, don't even try taking that razor anywhere close to your vagina," explains Malhorta.

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The Verdict
"Honestly, I would suggest women should prefer waxing over shaving, unless they have super sensitive skin and waxing is causing some kind of allergic reaction. But, if you can bear the pain, you don't have to put much at stake with waxing unlike shaving," she concludes.

So, ladies. Now, you know. Both have their own set of pros and cons. But, if you have to put yourself through the discomfort of getting rid of body hair, waxing is definitely the lesser evil.

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