Is body odour your constant companion in the summer? Here's help

Your BO is definitely not your bae.

Dipannita Saha Dipannita Saha Apr 10, 2017
If that trusty deo is not helping, then you've come to the right place. Photo Courtesy: ShutterStock/IndiaPicture

The weather is changing and it's getting hotter every day. And we all know what the Indian summer is famous for. No, we are not talking about mangoes or other delicious fruits. We are talking about what happens to your body. That's right, it smells. And sometimes, no matter how much deodorant or perfume you apply, the body odour persists.

Our body has around 2 to 24 million sweat glands, which can produce up to 10 litres of sweat every day. You see, we have two types of sweat glands: eccrine glands, which are found all over the body and regulate our body temperature; and apocrine glands that are found in the underarms, groin, and perineal regions around the anus.

So what causes the smell? Well, it's the apocrine glands that are associated with body odour. But it isn't just the sweat that causes odour--rather the millions bacteria on our body are to blame.

So what should you do to make sure you are always smell like a bouquet? Well, for starters, take our advice.

Switch Your Soap
If you think taking a bath is enough to kill all the stinkin' germs and numb your sweat glands, you're wrong. Soap plays a major part in eradicating those pesky bacteria that causes body odour. Them beauty soaps make the skin soft and supple, but they don't have the potency to kill bacteria. The solution? Switch to antiseptic soaps. They might make your skin a little dry, but hey what are those fancy body butters for?

Invest in Sweat Pads
Yup, they exist--even in India. You can find them in abundance on online retail websites. Underarm sweat pads won't stop you from sweating, but they make sure that the sweat and the stink doesn't seep into your clothes. You can stick these pads on the inside of your sleeves, on the area that covers your underarms, and be odour free the rest of the day.

These will soak all the sweat, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh for hours. Photo Courtesy: Flipkart These will soak all the sweat, leaving you and your clothes smelling fresh for hours. Photo Courtesy: Flipkart

You can try: Sirona Under Arm Sweat Pads (featured here), Rs 400; or Sweatex Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads, Rs 475.  

Wax Your Underarms--Don't Shave It
Each strand of body hair, especially in the underarm and pubic regions, harbours millions of micro-organisms. However, just hair removal is not enough; you have to remove the hair from the root. Waxing helps in getting rid of hair follicles and dead skin that are host to odour-causing bacteria, while using a razor or hair-removal cream makes sure the growth comes back in just a couple of days and even the minutest of hair collects sweat and bacteria.

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Use The Right Deodorant 
Deodorants that consist light-weight components in citrusy, fruity notes should be your go-to choices. However, make sure that you never rub it after applying, as it breaks down the molecules and kills the aroma.

Trust in Cotton
There is a reason why your mother and grandmother have been singing the benefits of wearing cotton in the summer. And not it's not just because cotton will keep you cool in the summer. Synthetic fabrics, especially polyester, tends to trap sweat and bacteria much more quickly than its cotton alternatives. So the evening-stench that your cotton kurta would have wrapped you in on your way home from work, will greet you within an hour on a hot day if you wear synthetic fabrics. 

If Nothing Else Helps, Try Botox
If you are one those unlucky ones who suffer from excessive sweating, you may want to try getting Botox. Before you freak out, let us tell you how Botox works, suggests Dr Rekha Sheth, a Mumbai-based dermatologist. The botulinum protein, when injected into the underarm, numbs the sweat glands and keeps the area free from sweat for 12 to 18 months. So, no sweat, no odour, as simple as that!

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