The most ridiculous make-up trend of 2016 is here, and it involves taking a shower with your make-up on

We really need to stop wasting resources in the name of beauty.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Dec 29, 2016
The key is stand under the falling jets without getting hit by water directly in the face. Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

The year 2016 was full of weird beauty trends and hacks. Right from drawing a penis on the eyes to using soap to set brows, Instagram was flooded with pictures of women giving such hacks a try. However, the most idiotic of them all is showering with your make-up on.

In case you have no idea that such a trend exists then thank your lucky stars. Because there are women out there, who are digging it. The purpose of it is to achieve a dewy, slicked look--which apparently makes you look sexy.

Wondering how it works? Well, all you need to do is apply a full-face make-up. Foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and all that jazz. Just like you normally would while going out. However, instead of going out the door, you step in the shower.

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The key is stand under the falling jets without getting hit by water directly in the face. You don't have to scrub, wash, or try anything at all while you are showering. Just stand there, relax, and step out after a few minutes.

Waiting for the magic to happen? Well, there's none. Though your skin might look a little dewy thanks to all the water you wasted to get some steam. But, apart from that--all you have is some runny mascara, eyeliner, and flushed cheeks.

We completely understand if you are perplexed. But, the reason why women are going crazy over this trend is because it makes you look like you just had sex! No, we are not kidding.

Our question here is: why should you waste resources and expensive make-up to look dewy. Why not just but products that serve the purpose. Come on people, it's time we stop religiously following every weird hack that is out there and use our brains. We would do the environment and our skin a big favour.

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