4 kitchen things you can use to achieve picture perfect make-up

You don't need your vanity bag to look like a diva.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Jan 05, 2017
Give your chemical-laden make-up products a break. Photo courtesy: YouTube/ Nikkitutorials

Who says you have to dig a hole in your pocket to look like a million bucks? Don't let cosmetic companies fool you into buying every product they come up with.

We understand you love make-up and absolutely dig splurging on it. But, how about getting that picture perfect look with the help of things randomly lying in your kitchen? Yup, you will not have to spend a penny to look like a diva.

Interested? Here's what you can do.

Use a Fork For Contouring
Place a fork on your nose and draw two lines with a bronzer of your choice.  Use the outer two prongs as a guide. Now, use the middle prong to help you draw a line with a highlighter. When you are done, put the fork away. You will notice some perfectly drawn contouring lines. Next, take a make-up brush or a beauty sponge and blend well. However, make sure you don't rub too hard.

YouTube beauty gurus are going gaga over this technique. Watch this tutorial to replicate the look.

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Use Cocoa Powder For Eyeshadow
Give your chemical-laden make-up products a break and opt for more natural alternatives. For instance, you can use some cocoa power to double as eyeshadow. It's very simple, but it works wonders. Just dab one end of a cotton swab in some cocoa powder. Now, apply it on your lids. You can also use your fingers to spread the product evenly. Ladies, you'll be surprised how natural, yet appealing it looks.

Use a Spoon For Eyeliner
Love the cat-eye look but just can't get it right? Well, don't worry. Your cutlery will help you. All you need to do is hold the handle of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye, and draw a straight line. Now, flip it and use the curve to draw a winged tip. Fill in the gap to make your eye pop. Complete the look by drawing a line across your upper lash line. And voila, you are done.

Use Beetroot For Blush
Last, but not the least. How about giving your cheeks some natural blush? For that pop of colour, boil some beetroots in a pan and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Remove the beets from the water and continue boiling the leftover residue. After five minutes, strain the liquid and keep it in the refrigerator until cooled. Once it's done, apply some on your cheeks with your finger or a brush.

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