5 reasons why you have dark circles, even though you catch enough Z's

A full night of shut-eye isn't enough.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Nov 22, 2016
Lack of sleep contributes more to puffy eyes than mere pigmentation. Photo: Shutterstock/ IndiaPicture

Ladies, do you often compromise with your beauty sleep? No. And do you snooze for at least six hours every day? Yes. Now, is your pretty little face marred by horrendous dark circles, despite your healthy sleeping routine? Yes, you say. Well, if you have been wondering why you just can't get rid of those under-eye shadows despite hitting the sack on time, here's what you need to know: sleep deprivation is NOT the only reason for dark circles. In fact, lack of sleep contributes more to puffy eyes than mere pigmentation.

Dr. Apratim Goel, medical director, Cutis Skin Studio, Mumbai, lists five most common causes of dark circles, excluding sleep depravity.

Blame Your Genes
While you are happy to inherit your mum's chiseled jaw line, blame your genes for a genetic case of dark under eyes. "Genes are the most common cause of dark circles. However, don't get disheartened. You sure can treat it. Depending upon your skincare regime, they might get better or worse over the years, but there's hardly anything you can do to prevent them from appearing in the first place", says Goel. So ladies, see if your parents suffer from dark circles, before you attempt to cure the condition by turning into Kumbhakarna.

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Blame Your Diet
Another most common cause of dark circles is a poor diet. You might be trying to cut calories by eating a minimum portion every day, but little do you know the harm lack of nutrition does to your body and skin. "Deficiency of iron, vitamin K, vitamin E, or zinc can cause under eye shadows, points out Goel. For instance, iron contains oxygen and the lack of it results in pigmentation, specifically under the eyes. Similarly, vitamin K is an anti-coagulant that can help strengthen blood vessels. Thus, healthy blood catalyzed by the nutrient will result in lessening of dark patches.

Blame Your Weight Loss Plan
In the quest to shed kilos, most women forget what other bodily harms might come their way. "There is a little amount of fat under the eyes, which acts as a buffer between blood vessels and your skin. Now, when you lose a lot of weight or the transformation is rather rapid, this fat pad, too, melts away (not literally, though). Once, it ceases to exist--there is constant friction between the blood vessels and skin. This results in dark circles appearing under the eye area", says Goel.

Blame Your Skincare Regime
You probably don't know it yet, but maybe you are being too harsh on your skin. For instance, you apply a thick layer of concealer to colour correct. However, as night approaches and you get ready for bed--there's hardly any strength left in you to wipe it all off. So, you either let it stay on or hurriedly rub it with a face wipe.

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No matter what tool you use, excess pressure and harsh rubbing make matters worse. "The area under the eye is very thin and extremely sensitive as it has no oil glands. Now, if you use a hard hand while tending to it, you end up damaging the blood vessels. Needless to say, it will cause pigmentation in the area", continues Goel.

Blame the Strain You Put Your Eyes Through
Have you any idea the strain you cause your eyes? "Ladies, if you are suffering from any vision problems, it's best to visit the doc as soon as possible. The more you put-off wearing glasses, the more your eyes will get strained. Also, once you step out in the sun, you squint to protect your eyes from the blinding light. This puts pressure on the eye muscles. So, put on your sunglasses indoors to protect your eyes from any form of muscle tension", concludes Goel.

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