5 paranoid thoughts every girl has while getting her hair cut

When you get your hair cut, you end up putting your fate in the hands of the stylist.

Sarwat Fatima Sarwat Fatima Jul 17, 2017
What is it about getting a hair cut that makes you go all crazy in the head? Photo Courtesy: YouTube/ ComedyCentral

Let's admit it: going to a hair salon is scary. Because God alone knows how you would end up looking after getting your tresses chopped. And if heavens forbid your hairstylist decides to go all fancy--only Lord alone can save you from an impending doom. No, we are not exaggerating. Ask any woman you know exactly what goes on in her mind while she is getting a haircut--and you will be left amazed at the amount of paranoia. For instance, here are a few such thoughts:

Oh My! I Am Going To Look Like A Chicken
When you ask your hair dresser to cut your locks a few inches shorter, you end up turning into a mathematician. You measure every micro-inch that is chopped off and you can't stop yourself from freaking out. You are petrified that you would end up resembling a plucked-chicken if she ends up cutting your hair a little too short.

Do I Really Need A Haircut? My Hair Is Fantastic
You might hate your split ends and rough hair, but as soon as you see the scissors, your heart does a double-flip and you instantly fall in love with everything that you despised before. You are in love with the length, the colour, and the texture of your hair. The mere thought of parting with your precious locks in just heartbreaking.

Does It Even Look Like I Got A Haircut?
Am I wasting my money? But, I still look the same! What did she do then? Well, these are a few thoughts that plague your mind when you fail to notice any stark difference in your appearance post your haircut. However, you conveniently forget that you yelled every time the poor stylist brought the scissors too close to your hair. So, you may have fantasized about looking like Kareena Kapoor in your head, but what you see in the mirror is nowhere close to your imagination.

Does She Even Know How To Cut Hair?
You analyze your hairstylist like a mother-in-law analyzes her prospective daughter-in-law during the first family meeting. You are unsure whether she deserves the honour of cutting your hair or is even qualified and experienced enough to do it. One mistake and you are ready to pounce on her throat and make her pay. 

All The Tugging Is Going To Make Me Go Bald
Once the hairstylist begins with all the tugging and pulling, you are petrified that it's going to make you go bald. Seriously, how much pressure can your roots endure before giving up? So, your mind is riddled with thoughts of cursing and suing the woman for the brutal torture. After all, you will be paying big bucks to the salon and for what? The pain you endured for two long hours? No, way.

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