4 hottest ways to enjoy sex

  • Standing up
    Adventurous couples find standing during intercourse can be quite exciting. The easiest way is to have the woman bend over. This way, her vagina is available and open, and her partner will find himself able to penetrate especially deeply.  Also you can enjoy looking down at your partner in a totally different way. If you're a guy who enjoys using a little more athletic prowess, this position is a good one.

    Experimenting with new sexual positions can keep sex fresh and new. Each new position can bring new experiences in touching, in angles, in prolonging your sexual experience or in making it more passionate. Some positions may allow one of you to have more intense orgasms, or to find different sensations and different feelings in joining your bodies.

    Having new positions and experimenting with them can provide endless variety to any relationship, whether established or brand new.

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  • Lying on your sides
    This is the best position for the woman who likes to masturbate during intercourse. It leaves her front area fully open to be touched. Many women find that the easiest position to allow use of a vibrator when doing it from behind when both partners are on their sides. Also there are amazing opportunities for the man to fondle his partner's breasts - or anything else he likes.

    Some couples find that far more body to body contact occurs while spooning on their sites, allowing them to feel connected with their partner. A lot of men also find they can last longer in this position because it does not allow as vigorous a stroke. You can find a lot of different sensations using this position!

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  • Woman on top
    Many couples prefer the female superior position also known as the woman on top position. A lot of women like this position because they can control how deep and how hard the penis' strokes are. By experimenting with the positions of the body to cause changes in the angles of insertion, the woman can frequently enjoy better stimulation of the clitoris lying on top.

    This position is great if either the man or the woman wish to masturbate the woman's clitoris. Woman on top is also a perfect position for a woman who likes to look at her partner's face during intercourse.

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  • There is no right or wrong way to enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner. If you are both having a good time, it's right for you. There are a lot of different positions for sexual intercourse! Some people prefer to be lying down, some standing, some sitting. Some men prefer being on top of his partner, some underneath and some prefer their own tried and true favourite positions. You need to discover what works best for you and your partner. Here are some of them:

    Missionary style
    The missionary position is the most common position for intercourse. In this the man gets on top of the woman, with both partners facing each other. In reality, the man on top position can be pretty versatile. Some people enjoy this position, feeling it is intimate because you can see your partner's face.

    If  the woman holds  herself just right, she can easily enjoy the man's pubic bone rubbing her clitoris (allowing her to orgasm). If her partner wants deeper penetration than the missionary position typically offers, his partner can raise her legs and he can pull her forward.

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