10 most popular Indian superstitions

10 most popular Indian superstitions

  • There is a common belief that fasting will fulfill your desires.

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  • Broken idols and mirrors in your house bring bad luck.

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  • In India, peepal trees are considered to be the abode of ghosts and spirits and one must avoid resting under a peepal tree at night.

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  • Adding one rupee to a sum as a gift or donation is a common practice even among the educated. The extra rupee is supposed to bring in luck. Nowadays, there are envelopes too that come with a one rupee coin.

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  • Getting rid of the evil eye through the practice of 'nazar utarna'. One such method which is said to neutralize the effect of the evil is by putting a small spot of kajal on the forehead or behind the ear of children or someone who is attractive.

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  • Cats, especially black cats crossing your path will bring you bad luck. If one does then stop and take three steps behind or just spit.

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  • To cut nails on a Saturday or Tuesday is considered bad luck.  It is also bad luck to wash one's hair on a Saturday or a Thursday.

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  • In India, it is taboo for a woman to be menstruating. They are also considered impure and unclean and are not allowed to enter the kitchen. They are also supposed to stay away from religious spots in the house.

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  • The lemon and chilli charm is a regular sight in India. You can find a string of lemons and chillies hanging on the doorway of shops, offices, homes and even vehicles. Doing this is supposed to ward off the evil eye and bring in good luck.

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  • India being the hub of diverse culture and traditions is also home to superstitions. It can rightly be called an all-prevalent epidemic followed stringently even by the liberated minds. Let's take a look at the popular superstitions in India.
    An auspicious match and wedding date is often decided by an astrologer who matches the horoscopes of the couple. You can go ahead with the wedding only if your virtues and stars match.

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