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Why don't our girls want to be engineers?

Aptitude has nothing to do with it.


Survey discloses the bitter truth about rampant sexual harassment in Indian offices. So what are we doing?

About 40% of women face sexual harassment at work. If you don't believe us, believe the figures.


Everything you need to know about exercising on your period

It's time to forget those old wives' tales, ladies.

Sex & Relationships

Turns out birth control pills have nothing to do with your low sex drive

At least that's one side effect we don't need to worry about.


How often can you get manicures without totally ruining your nails?

The key to softer hands is more than just a professional manicure.


4 reasons why you should steer clear of dry shampoo

Beauty comes at a price, ladies.


Planning to snip off your lady garden? Beware! You might contract STIs

Going bare down there can make you prone to sexually transmitted infections.


And then, he groped me...

Don't stay mum. Speak up.


5 signs it is time to kiss your first job goodbye

Planning that colleague's murder in your head out of boredom is surely one.


4 things that happen to your body when you stop exercising

Before you decide to take a break from your gym sessions, you might want to read this.


Is your dupatta enough to save you from Delhi's toxic air?

Your favouite scarf can't protect you from the air pollution anymore.


Do you live in constant fear of getting raped? You are not alone

These real women share their chilling stories of virginitiphobia--the fear of getting raped.


Don't want to live with your in-laws anymore? Your husband has the right to divorce you, says SC

Do we really need to give this son-worshipping country another reason to despise daughters?

Sex & Relationships

Love me but don't touch me: All you need to know about overcoming sexual frigidity

Does no amount of foreplay turn you on? Well, before you punish yourself with a lifetime of sexual aversion--dig a little deep.


Cleaning that toilet seat is not enough! 5 common mistakes that can make YOU prone to UTIs

It's never a pleasant time to get urinary tract infection. And taking a few precautions can go a long way in keeping this ailment at bay.


Addicted to Pokemon Go? This quiz can tell if you're suffering from Internet gaming disorder

Don't take your love for Pokemon Go or Candy Crush lightly. You could be suffering from this mental disorder.


5 small changes for a slimmer you

It's the little things that can help you shed kilos without much ado.

Sex & Relationships

In love with a commitment phobe? Here is how you can build a lasting relationship with him

Does he dart in the opposite direction at the mention of a steady relationship?  Don't worry. We've got you covered, girls.


Want to lose weight without exercise and diet? Well, you can!

If the treatment promises you weight loss sans all the hard work--it will not come cheap.


All you need to know about why you are losing hair, and how to put an end to it

Hair thinning in 20s is a reality. These are the major triggers making you lose hair.


To hook or unhook: Here's what you need to know about sleeping with your bra on

Should women wear bras while sleeping? This is one of the most nagging questions to have come up in the recent past.

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