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Between The Sheets

Here's the one surprising factor that determines how often you have sex

If you thought chemistry was the only thing that matters when it comes to the heat between the sheets, well here's a startling study for you to consider.


WATCH: Messages we've all wanted to send to that ex-boyfriend on Sarahah

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Between The Sheets

Game of Thrones inspired sex toy is all the rage these days and it's a fantasy come true

Can there be anything more sexually gratifying than Game of Thrones inspired sex toy?

Between The Sheets

You've got to stop making these mistakes if you want to achieve the big O in bed

Don't worry if you don't orgasm while having sex. It happens all the time.


Are you winning your break-up? Find out here

It's not about being vindictive, it's about small mercies.

Between The Sheets

5 interesting facts we bet no one has ever told you about vacation sex

Bored of your humdrum sex life? Just pack your bags and go on a vacation.


5 reasons why a rebound was the best thing that happened to me

This is what will prepare you for a singlehood with no regrets.

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