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The stages of a breakup, as explained by a terribly anxious person

Heartbreaks suck, more so when you are anxious AF!


My boyfriend harassed me into being in a relationship with him

It wasn't a sob story, but guys need to understand that no MEANS no.


Can a man and a woman be friends? This study claims no, and it's not because of sex

It's true, ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte.


Love is a neurochemical conspiracy and it's making my life miserable!

When you've got endorphins and oxytocin having a cocktail party in your brain, it's hard not to be a fool.

Between The Sheets

Sex may not be taboo anymore, but I still CHOOSE to be a virgin. Here's why

Because Maah Life, Maah Rules. (It's got nothing to do with my maa though)

Between The Sheets

The rising "educational" BDSM communities of India

Turns out Indians are not as closeted when it comes to kinky stuff.


These relationship mistakes are as bad as cheating. And you need to stop

Cheating is not the only cardinal sin in a relationship.

Between The Sheets

Does he always have an excuse to not wear a condom? Here's what you can do

From petty excuses to reasonable logistical issues--men have their own means to avoid the rubber.

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