Veena Malik to set kissing record

Pakistani bomb Veena Malik cannot help being in news. And this time it is because of the kissing record that she is about to set.

OddNaari OddNaari Nov 12, 2012

Pakistani bomb Veena Malik cannot help being in news. And this time it is because of the kissing record that she is about to set.

If reports are to be believed, she will soon outshine Emraan Hashmi in his glowing kissing track record.

Apparently, the actor is planning to set a Guinness Book of World Record through maximum kisses in a film in her upcoming movie - The City That Never Sleeps, which has been produced by Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid.

As for the unique world record attempt, Veena says, "I think kisses are very important and ridiculously beautiful expressions. It is such a beautiful expression of how kisses of all kinds can cure the world with love. It's great to be a part of Guinness Book of World Record. I just want to warn all the heroes to be careful, as here comes the B-town Super Serial Kisser."

The Pakistani actor tops the list for the most number of on-screen liplocks, pushing actor Priyanka Chopra to the second spot and actor Kareena Kapoor to the third position.

Veena Malik wants to marry a Patna boy!

Veena Malik who was recently in Patna revealed that she hopes to find her soul mate in this city.

Malik said that she had heard of Patna in a Bollywood song in her childhood and always wanted to come here.

The controversy queen said that she was keen on doing Bhojpuri films and had seen many of them. "Regional films are doing very well in India. I would love to act in Bhojpuri films if I get good offers," she said. "Who knows my next film will be in Bhojpuri itself."

The hot Pakistani actor who was in Patna to inaugurate a multi-cuisine restaurant, said that Lalu was extremely popular in Pakistan since he visited there nine years ago. "There is no doubt about Lalu's popularity in Pakistan," she said here on Sunday. "Even I have met him."

But Veena says that Nitish will become extremely popular in Pakistan too after his visit next month. "Anybody who tries to bring closer the two people or two communities is bound to be popular and is loved by all," she said. "People are looking forward to his visit in our country."

Veena Malik's funny bridal drama!

Controversy queen Veena Malik has now turned an international pop singer after she launched her first single album "Drama Queen".

The funniest part was that Veena came in a bridal dress to interact with the media.

Veena was never seen in Shadi ka joda before and it can be a sign that she is ready for her Mr Right.

Or Veena was simply trying to look dressed up by wearing red.

Veena held the audience spellbound during the launch of "Drama Queen" by her captivating performance.

She swooned on the tunes in a sexy short skirt.

Her peppy song and sexy moves added spice to the performance.

Sexy starlet is very excited about her debut album.

She was quoted saying: "It's a very special day for me, my first single album Drama Queen is launched and I am the real Drama Queen and I think this title suits me well".  

It is good that Veena accepts the reality and admits being the drama queen that she really is.

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