Poonam Pandey finds Twitter calming

While it might be dubbed by the media as a means to promote herself, Indian's Justin Beiber of Twitter Poonam Pandey finds her tweets to be calming.

OddNaari OddNaari Jan 23, 2013

While it might be dubbed by the media as a means to promote herself, Indian's Justin Beiber of Twitter, Poonam Pandey, finds her tweets to be calming.

Poonam Pandey, the young model turned actor has been tweeting regularly and has achieved celeb status thanks to her timely, witty and outrageous tweets. Poonam finds it mentally liberating to give vent to her feelings through Twitter.

"Tweeting helps me control the chaos in my head." She tweeted.

Poonam Pandey who claims to be the most searched model on internet keeps her followers glued to her account through her spicy statements and raunchy photos.

She has 3, 66930 followers on Twitter and recently had launched a protest against Twitter for her account to be verified as many fake ones had cropped up in her name.

Poonam Pandey truly loves her fans

It seems there is a lot of excitement around starlet and social networking queen Poonam Pandey's upcomeing adult film Nasha, otherwise why would men, nine in number visit the set, just to hand around with Poonam.

And these men not just shook hands with Poonam but also kept roaming about, till they were recognized and shoved off.

Clearly Poonam was upset about the security lapses and complained about it to the makers of the film. But what we liked about Poonam was the calmness with witch she handled the situation.

Had it been some other Bollywood heroine, she would have raise such a hue and cry over the entire episode, and would not have missed this opportunity to gain some publicity for her film, but Poonam truly loves her fans. She did not even mention this episode in her Twitter update! Now that shows real guts! Good going Poonam!

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