6 female comedians we just can't get enough of

Get set for a laugh riot.

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  • Twitter / MallikaDua

    Being a stand-up comedian isn't the most obvious career choice when it comes to women. Yet, there are some who like to break the stereotypes, not just with their choice of profession, but also with their slapstick humour.

    In fact, their comedy isn't crass--it'll definitely tickle your funny bone, but also send out strong social messages, that we often ignore. Here's a big shout-out to these inspiring women with a super-whacky side.

  • Twitter / awryaditi

    Aditi Mittal

    What do we say about this uber cool and super-popular comedian-cum-writer? Even her Twitter bio screams out "crazy" as she describes herself as a combination of "1/3 A-blah Nari. 1/3 Dolly Khurana & 1/3 Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke". Remember her witty take on the ordeal of bra shopping? That'what made us fall in love with her and how.

  • Twitter / clickmadness

    Punya Arora

    Before you decide to visit her profile, you must know you're going to click on madness. That's her social media username (@clickmadness), by the way. Look at her hilarious tweets and you will know that she totally justifies it.

  • Twitter / MallikaDua

    Mallika Dua

    We still can't get over her hysterical video on 'Shit people say in Sarojini Nagar'. And well, if that isn't enough, she regularly posts videos with crazy snapchat filters on her Twitter and Instagram handle. And those, you just can't miss.

  • Twitter / SonaliThakker

    Sonali Thakker

    She's young, she's vivacious, and she has a sense of humour that can make you split with laughter. And did we mention, she's also a dance enthusiast and a chartered accountant in the making?  Now isn't she taking the beauty-with-brains idea to a whole new level?

  • Twitter / radvaz

    Radhika Vaz

    This woman surely has a strong feminist voice and isn't bothered the least about judgements. Plus, there's absolutely no getting over her comedy specials like 'Unladylike' and 'Older. Angrier. Harrier'.

  • Twiiter / neetipalta

    Neeti Palta

    Bringing the female perspective to the table is the strongest point of this stand-up-comedian-cum-screeplay writer. And well she has fans of the league of Mr. Shashi Tharoor who thinks that "she does a wicked turn with great aplomb". We couldn't agree more, Sir.

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