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Swara Bhaskar wants you to know something very important about sexual harassment

These two minutes of advice can really help you get through tough times.


Dear Pahalaj Nihalani, why don't you just admit that you are homophobic?

Quit playing games with our TV screen and come out of the homophobe closet already.


"My talent has got nothing to do with gender". This is Sofia Ashraf's message to men

The focus should be on work, not on someone's gender.


The global rape epidemic: How laws around the world help the rapist

From getting married to the victim to buyout, there's a lot the accused can do.


Here's the downside of being an emotionally intelligent girl

Being smart comes at a price. What has the world come to?


I'm a lesbian woman, and I'm effin' tired of hearing these stupid things

Straight people, if you have a query, Google it!


In a country with a sex ratio of 914 females to 1,000 males, here's why we need more men like Dr. Ganesh Rakh

The story of this Indian doctor delivering baby girls for free is inspiring.


Why is there a fuss over allowing nuns to hear confessions? Hello! Women are better listeners anyway

Before you accuse us of partiality, there's a full-fledged study backing our claim.

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