10 ways to get rid of menstrual cramps

Nearly half of menstruating women complain of period pain, also known as dysmenorrhea.

OddNaari OddNaari Sep 18, 2015

Nearly half of menstruating women complain of period pain, also known as dysmenorrhea. Blame it on the production of hormone-like chemicals-prostaglandins-in the uterus. These chemicals help to contract the uterus to squeeze out the old, dead endometrial tissue through the vagina. Some women make more prostaglandins or are more sensitive to them, which can cause more painful and frequent cramps.

You could try these home remedies for relief.

1. Apply a heating pad to your lower abdominal area, below your belly button-it helps the muscles relax.

2. Do light circular massage with your fingertips around your lower abdomen, with warm mustard oil.

3. Drink warm beverages, like soups, but skip caffeine. Also, refrain from drinking alcohol.

4. Eat light but frequent meals. Avoid protein-rich and gas producing foods before and during your periods. These can make you feel bloated and increase discomfort. Have a diet rich in
good carbs (whole-grains, fruits and vegetables), but low in salt and sugar.

5. Prop up your legs using a pillow while lying down, or lie on your side with your knees bent.

6. Practise relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga.

7. Take a warm shower

8. Eat dark chocolate.

9.  Walk or exercise regularly-even when you are menstruating. Pelvic rocking exercises such as the bridge pose, cat and camel can also help.

10.  Reach for Omega-3s-either in the form of fatty fish, nuts and seeds or supplements.

While some women suffer from severe dysmenorrhea that limits their activities for upto 3 days, consult a gynaecologist to rule out other underlying medical conditions.


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