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6 reasons why coconut oil should be your new best friend

Reap in all its goodness by eating coconut, or applying it on your skin.


You could be thin but still 'overfat'

After 'overweight and 'obesity', 'overfat' is the pandemic, and it's got nothing to do with your size.

Weight Loss

Try this new trick to drop kilos without exercising

Don't worry peeps! You can still eat whatever you want.


That can of diet coke won't help you lose the flab

You might want to re-think your diet coke habit.


Do you have the gene for severe PMS?

Extreme PMS exists, and science has proof.


This implant may revolutionize AIDS prevention, and we have Bill and Melinda Gates to thank for it

This discreet Medici Drug Delivery System can revolutionize AIDS prevention.

Weight Loss

Crunches won't give you flat abs. Here's why

"If only I could have those washboard abs". Sorry girls, area-specific fat loss is a myth.

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