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Being stressed in your 20s is more dangerous than you think.


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5 easy tricks to naturally whiten your teeth at home

Say goodbye to yellow teeth and whitening strips with these easy home remedies.

Weight Loss

There are 6 types of body fat and here's what you need to know about them

Not all body fat is bad fat: let this piece of knowledge sink in.


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Should I sip or should I balance--that is the question when it comes to beer yoga.


6 gross things women do with utter pride when on their periods

Written by a woman on her periods. Read at your own risk.


Things every woman must know about using scented sanitary pads and tampons

Ladies, you really don't need your vagina to smell like a rose garden when you are on your period.


Apparently, women who earn more than their husbands are at a higher risk of depression

The study shows that when a spouse earns more, it affects the psychological well-being of the couple.

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