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Here's why your stomach is always upset when you are on your period

What can we say? Menstruation does really weird things to your body.


Finally a revolutionary study has found the perfect solution for overeating at work to combat stress

Yes, there's a way to beat those junk-food cravings and stay in shape despite the all the stress.


Are you wearing a wrong size bra? You have no idea what it's doing to your health

It's not just about comfort. Ill-fitting bras can wreck havoc on your health too.

Weight Loss

5 yoga asana for the lazy girl who wants to lose weight the easy way

Guess what? You won't even have to leave your bed to practice these yoga asanas.


5 foods you should eat if you are trying to quit sugar

No matter how determined you are, your body will still crave for sugar. Thankfully, these foods can help. 


Get rid of your double chin by doing these simple face yoga asanas

Not just your double chin, these yoga asanas will also help in cutting flab from your face.


4 horrible things that happen when you don't change your underwear enough

Running out of clean panties or just lazing around in your already-worn undies is something you need to pay attention to!


This rare disease makes women look pregnant after eating meals

Known as the frozen pelvis disease, it plagues the lives of many women around the world.


Do you get cramps even after your periods are over? Here's why that's happening

You can't always blame your periods for those awful cramps.

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